‘Party of Five’ TV siblings Lacey Chabert and Scott Wolf clarify Hallmark love interest rumors

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The Salinger family is back together again… sort of.

“Party of Five” stars Lacey Chabert and Scott Wolf once played brother and sister on the hit Fox family drama, and now, they’re portraying siblings once again.

Wolf, 55, and Chabert, 41, are starring in Hallmark’s newest holiday flick, “A Merry Scottish Christmas.”

But the “Everwood” alum and the “Mean Girls” star claim they would never play romantic partners in future films.

“We need to make it as clear as possible that never … were we going to be love interests,” Wolf chuckled to Fox News.

“We knew it would be a sibling story, which really kind of set it apart a little bit from a lot of the Christmas holiday movies on Hallmark, where the central two characters are romantic love interests,” he explained of the upcoming festive flick.

The “Nancy Drew” actor went on: “We knew this entire thing would be built around this sibling relationship. And I think we were really … excited about telling a story that was a little different from what people might come to expect.”

“There’s romance because Lacey’s character has a romantic love interest, and I have a story with my wife in the movie,” the actor shared. “But I think we were really excited that Hallmark embraced this story that was about … family.”

Scott Wolf and Lacey Chabert in “A Merry Scottish Christmas.”©Hallmark Entertainment/Courtesy Everett Collection

“A Merry Scottish Christmas” dropped on the Hallmark channel Nov. 19, and it isn’t your typical holiday TV movie full of romance and fantasy.

The movie encompasses two estranged siblings who haven’t seen each other in quite some time. They reunite at their mother’s childhood home in Scotland for Christmas.

When the Hallmark queen announced the movie earlier this year, fans flooded her social media with vomit emojis as they believed that it would be the on-screen brother-sister duo falling in love.

“Hopefully no more,” Wolf joked to Fox News. “No more vomit emojis. Once people see the movie, I think the vomit emojis will go away.”

Wolf and Chabert reunited 23 years after “Party of Five” for their newest Hallmark flick.Getty Images

“Just hearts,” Chabert interjected.

Chabert portrayed youngest daughter Claudia Salinger on “Party of Five” from 1993 until 2000 while Wolf took on the role of her older brother, Bailey Salinger.

The two starred alongside “Scream” star Neve Campbell and “Lost” alum Matthew Fox. The series followed a set of five siblings who take care of each other after their parents die in car accident.

Chabert noted that the show was “such a blessing to be a part of.”

“But what sticks to my heart the most are the laughs that we shared and the protective big brother that [Scott] was to me during the time and still [is],” she said.

“Party of Five” aired on Fox from 1993 until 2000.©Columbia Pictures/Courtesy Everett Collection

The “Not Another Teen Movie” actress added of the holiday film, “Scott’s the best. I love him so much, and I have missed him every day since ‘Party of Five’ ended. This was a beautiful reunion.”

The pair have stayed close since the conclusion of “Party of Five,” with Wolf feeling like he has to “protect” his younger co-star at times.

“I always felt this protective thing with Lacey,” he said. “She was only 11 years old. And knowing she was a child at the time, working in a very adult environment, I just felt immediately protective of her. But it wasn’t because she gave off this sense of, ‘I need protecting.’”

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