Mark Consuelos Takes A Shot At New Jersey Residents — And Wife Kelly Ripa — On ‘Live’ After Survey Claims They “Don’t Know How To Travel”: “It’s Hard To Get All Those Gold Chains Off”

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By Alex Vena

Published Nov. 21, 2023, 11:02 a.m. ET

Mark Consuelos jokingly aired his grievances toward the state of New Jersey on this morning’s Live with Kelly and Mark, where his wife, co-host, and Garden State native Kelly Ripa brought up a survey that determined people from New Jersey “don’t know how to travel.”

Consuelos claimed that he has an “idea” as to why.

“Well first of all, if you have to get out and pump your own gas, you’re going to be like, ‘What’s this?'” he exclaimed. “What do you mean you can’t pump your own gas? I want to pump my own gas! You can’t do it in New Jersey.”

The two even recalled that “early on” in their relationship, they had a “little squabble” over Consuelos wanting to pump his own gas while in New Jersey.

Consuelos shared, “I was like, ‘That’s ridiculous,’ and you were like, ‘You’re ridiculous!'”

After sharing more about that trip, Ripa began reading the the survey’s main points, which included New Jersey residents having a “problem with carry-on luggage.”

“Understanding size, scope, scale, and where it goes” she clarified. “Getting off the airplane is also challenging for us! We want to figure out where we’re going to have lunch in the aisle of the plane.”

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos on 'Live with Kelly and Mark'Photo: ABC

Ripa noted that Jersey travelers also allegedly “stand too close to the carousel to get our bags,” and argued Consuelos does the exact same thing, deeming him the “gargoyle of the carousel.”

While Consuelos claimed he has “a system” that justifies this, both he and Ripa joked that if he “could get in there and actually get the bags off the plane,” he would.

“Maybe you’re from New Jersey,” she told Consuelos.

Then, she read that “being reminded by TSA to take off your belts and shoes” and “struggl[ing] to get our carry-ons in the overhead” are other points, before reaching the final reason: “going through the scanner with your phone, your jewelry, the iPad.”

Consuelos chimed in, “Yes, it’s hard to get all those gold chains off at the same time.”

After he burst into laughter and received a prolonged glare from Ripa, he continued, “Hold on! Let me take off my Italian horn!”

Ripa called out Consuelos for also owning an Italian horn, warning him that he “better calm down.”

After Consuelos said he “can say that” because he’s Italian, he shared another reason why he believes Jersey residents are terrible travelers.

“Also when they get out of the airport, if they’re driving, they won’t understand the exit signs because the exit signs are before the exit,” he said. “Whereas in New Jersey, they’re like a half mile afterwards — turn right!”

Although Ripa called Consuelos “so rotten,” she admitted that his statement was “very true.”

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