I tried a popular TikTok cleaning hack — it went horribly wrong

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All that hard work, down the drain.

One woman undertook the disgusting task of cleaning her sink drain, only to accidentally flood her kitchen.

Feeling inspired by a TikTok video of the household hack, creator @kandy_kitty87, who boasts more than 64,000 followers on the app, decided to unscrew her drain from her sink to scrub away the caked-on grime.

In a video posted to the platform, which garnered over 5 million views, the content creator showed her filthy drain and poured white cleaning powder onto the drain and brushing away the chunky black and brown goo.

“I filmed this as I was excited to show everyone the before and after of this hack,” she told Newsflare. “I unscrewed the plug in my kitchen sink to ‘clean’ the hard-to-get places.”

But she had unknowingly “disconnected the pipe from the sink” by loosening the nut holding it all together, “innocently” wiping the cleaning solution down her sink.

Her video served as a warning to other TikTokers to not try hacks found online.Newsflare / @kandy_kitty87
The thick sludge can build up in the drain and cause a clog.Newsflare / @kandy_kitty87

Then, she made a big mistake: she ran the water.

“I turned the tap on full rinsing and scrubbing away the gunge which I cleaned from my sink,” she explained.

“After a few seconds I felt my feet wet and to my surprise after looking down my kitchen cupboard was a full-on waterfall coming out of the closed cupboard doors.”

She added: “Yeah, I had flooded my kitchen!”

She admitted that the video “proves” she has “no common sense” and that “you should never believe everything you see on the internet.”

While removing the draining and scrubbing it is fine, the TikToker made the mistake of running the water.Newsflare / @kandy_kitty87
Because the drain had been disconnected from her sink, the TikToker’s kitchen began to flood with water.Newsflare / @kandy_kitty87
The content creator was shocked when her kitchen began to flood.Newsflare / @kandy_kitty87

In the comments, a user who claimed to be a plumber recommended that if eager cleaners want to scrape away the sludge, they can remove the nut but warned them not to run the water.

“9/10 times when I go to a plugged sink call, I will remove the drain like she did, but instead of running water you use your GLOVED fingers to remove the grime, then put the drain back in and THEN run the water,” the self-proclaimed handyman wrote.

When asked why anyone should clean the hidden crud, they replied: “Because if the gunk gets too thick, it will clog the drain. Then you call a plumber and they will charge you $300 to clean it out.”

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