Hunter Biden Allegedly Acknowledged Joe as 'the Big Guy' in $5M China Deal, Renewing Controversy

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In a recent development that has reignited controversy surrounding the Biden family, a report by the New York Post alleges that Hunter Biden acknowledged his father, President Joe Biden, as "the big guy" in a $5 million business deal with a Chinese energy company. The revelation, based on purported emails retrieved from Hunter Biden's laptop, has sparked renewed scrutiny and debate over potential conflicts of interest and ethical concerns.

According to the report published by the New York Post on February 29, 2024, the emails in question suggest that Hunter Biden referred to his father using the term "the big guy" in discussions related to a proposed deal with CEFC China Energy, a now-defunct Chinese conglomerate. The emails purportedly indicate that Hunter Biden was negotiating the terms of a partnership between the Chinese company and a proposed venture involving himself, his uncle James Biden, and other associates.

The alleged emails, if authentic, raise questions about whether Joe Biden used his political influence as vice president during the Obama administration to benefit his family financially. Critics argue that the reported deal could represent a conflict of interest and undermine the integrity of the presidency.

However, it is essential to note that the authenticity of the emails and the veracity of the claims made within them have been fiercely contested. The Biden family has consistently denied any wrongdoing, dismissing the allegations as part of a politically motivated smear campaign aimed at tarnishing Joe Biden's reputation.

The latest report comes amidst ongoing scrutiny of the Biden family's business dealings, particularly concerning Hunter Biden's overseas ventures and his role on the board of Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings. These controversies have been a recurring theme in U.S. politics, with Republicans seizing on them to question the integrity of the Biden administration.

In response to the latest allegations, White House press secretary Sarah Matthews reiterated the administration's position, stating that President Biden had no involvement in or knowledge of his son's business dealings. She further emphasized the administration's commitment to upholding ethical standards and transparency in government.

As the debate over the alleged $5 million China deal continues to unfold, the Biden administration faces renewed pressure to address lingering questions about the Biden family's business activities and their potential implications for the presidency. With partisan divisions deepening, the true nature of Hunter Biden's dealings and their impact on Joe Biden's presidency remain subjects of intense speculation and investigation.