Drew Barrymore Can’t Stop Smooching Andrew Rannells On ‘The Drew Barrymore Show’: “Is That What It Feels Like To Kiss?”

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Drew Barrymore got hot and heavy with Girls alum Andrew Rannells on this morning’s episode of The Drew Barrymore Show. While roleplaying as boyfriend and girlfriend at the Thanksgiving table, the two shared several passionate kisses.

Just in time for Thanksgiving, dating expert Damona Hoffman and etiquette expert Sara Jane Ho joined Barrymore, Rannells and Ross Mathews at the table to offer their advice for bringing a date home for the holidays.

“Let’s say that Andrew and Drew are boyfriend and girlfriend … And they’re at the Thanksgiving family dinner table and they start putting the PDA on and it’s getting kind of hot and — oh, my God,” Mathews said, before cutting himself off once he realized how far Barrymore and Rannells were willing to go to get into character.

The duo each took an end of a green bean into their mouth and, like the dogs in Lady and the Tramp did with spaghetti, worked their way inward until their lips touched, leaving Hoffman to remind them that they were on “daytime” TV.

“God, those green beans, man. They really just get me excited. Let’s have another,” Barrymore said, to which Rannells joked, “You got a real nice house, Mrs. Barrymore,” before going in for another green bean-aided smooch.

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Barrymore — who hasn’t dated in seven years — then pointed out that her kiss with the actor was the “most action” she’s gotten in a long time.

“By the way, is that what it feels like to kiss? Wait, one more please,” she said as she gently touched her lips to Rannells’ for a third time.

When it came time for the PDA advice, Hoffman said the kiss with the green bean was “a step too far,” while Ho added that one second of PDA is “equivalent to a minute.” Therefore, couples who can’t keep their hands off each other might want to “keep it short” when spending time with family.

“We’ve just got to get you some PDA now,” Hoffman said to Barrymore, while Mathews playfully told the duo, “And also, I’d like you to keep your hands up on the table, OK?”

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