Customer blasts waitress for ‘flirting’ with her husband, refuses to tip: ‘Basically sexual harassment’

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She needs to check herself.

A waitress was left stunned and shorted after receiving a nasty note from a female patron who accused her of flirting with her husband.

The anonymous server — who said she worked at a restaurant in the South — took to Reddit to share a snap of the rude message, which was scrawled onto a check.

The photo shows that the woman’s bill totaled $36.72, with space left to leave a tip.

But rather than add a gratuity, the peeved patron penned a warning to the waitress, which read: “Don’t call my husband sweetheart.”

The server asserted that the female patron and her husband must have been visitors to the area, failing to realize that “sweetheart” was a Southern term of endearment, and not a word used to express sexual interest.

“First time visiting the South,” the waitress captioned her Reddit post, which quickly went viral.

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Hundreds of people were left stunned by both the patron’s defensiveness, as well as well as her lack of understanding of Southern words and phrases.

“Sheesh, someone is insecure,” one said of the female customer.

“Someone felt threatened by a younger woman,” another theorized.

A third Redditor wrote: “I’ve been to both North and South Carolina, the times I heard people getting mad over their husbands/boyfriends being called sweetheart was amazing. This was obviously their first time in those states.”

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However, others slammed the server and sided with the patron.

I honestly don’t like being called sweetheart, babe, or hun by any stranger,” one wrote.

“As a man I DESPISE when women call me terms like that,” another stated. It’s basically sexual harassment. I honestly don’t like being called sweetheart, babe, or hun by any stranger.”

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