Bill Burr defends ‘hilarious’ wife for flipping off Donald Trump at UFC match

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Bill Burr has nothing but pride for his wife.

The comedian is publicly defending his wife of 10 years, Nia Renée Hill, after she was caught flipping off former President Donald Trump with her middle fingers at the Ultimate Fighting Championship 295 match.

“I love my wife,” Burr, 55, remarked of the incident on The Rich Eisen Show. “You know where you stand with her.”

Trump, known to be a huge fan of the American mixed martial arts competition entered Madison Square Garden in New York City Saturday night alongside UFC president Dana White, Tucker Carlson, Kid Rock and son Don Jr. at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

As the crowd cheered, Trump approached his ringside seat in front of Burr and Hill for the featherweight fight between Diego Lopes and Pat Sabatini.

Not feeling as cheerful, the 54-year-old actress, writer and producer can be seen on the arena cameras, dressed in a black shirt and jeans, raising both of her middle fingers in the air.

Video of Hill giving Trump the double bird quickly appeared on social media, sparking commentators to bash the “Old Dads” star.

“So trashy. Surprise, surprise,” tweeted one person.

Donald Trump being 'flipped off' during UFC matchFormer President Donald Trump was flipped off by actor Nia Renee Hill during UFC match in New York.X/@still_boneless

“Donald Trump walked into an arena that holds 20,000 people and 19,999 people were so happy. And then there was Bill Burr’s wife,” The Post Millennial editor Libby Emmons posted.

Some fans, however, cheered for Hill. “This is what free speech is all about! I fought for it, does not mean I have to agree with it! Do your thing young lady,” remarked another.

Burr however, sided with the latter and supported his wife’s right to exercise her freedom of speech.

“The guy walked into the arena, everybody cheered, she gave him the finger, nobody got arrested,” he said on The Rich Eisen Show. “That’s why this country’s great! 

“Everybody expressed themselves,” added Burr. “Can we all be adults….she’s hilarious.”

Burr, who shares two children with Hill, was quite surprised that the moment went viral.

“I don’t know about you but I came there to go to the fights,” Burr said. “I didn’t know I was going to the Republican National Convention.”

Burr added: “It’s like those Trump guys — they’re always going, ‘You snowflakes, eff your feelings,’ and all of that, and then you make fun of Trump and they’re like, ‘Oh my God, that’s so disrespectful!’”

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