Man eats ham sandwich, can't stop farting for 5 years

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July 29, 2022 | Comment icon 15 comments

There is some dispute over the cause of Mr. Prades' symptoms. Image Credit: Pxabay / gate74

Tyrone Prades is taking legal action after a sandwich he ate 5 years ago left him with a never-ending bout of flatulence.

The bizarre situation began when the 46-year-old, who hails from Chippenham, England, purchased and ate an unassuming ham sandwich at a Christmas market in Birmingham in December 2017.

Not long afterwards, however, he became quite ill and ended up having to spend weeks in bed.

Even after recovering, he continued to experience excessive flatulence and even now, five years later, this particular symptom has continued unabated.

Now Prades is suing the market for nearly $250,000.

"The claimant continues to suffer from excessive flatulence, which causes him a great deal of embarrassment," his lawyer said.

"The symptoms are, primarily, fatigue and altered bowel function associated with 'churning' within his abdomen and flatulence."

"The claimant's stomach continues to make frequent churning noises to the extent his sleep can become disrupted. The extent of the symptoms has been life-changing."

The market has since denied allegations that the ham had been contaminated with salmonella.

Whether Prades will be successful in his case against the firm, however, remains to be seen.

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