I do planks above $2K of Hermès lipsticks — it’s motivation to stay in shape

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Her obsession with makeup is abs-olutely insane — it’s actually hard to stomach. 

Hoping to get buff, a brave beauty transformed her costly collection of luxury label lipsticks, valued at $2,000, into a “motivation” tool in order to perform a challenging abdominal exercise. 

But cringing glam fans argue that the daredevil diva should have used “knives” rather than run the risk of ruining her ritzy sticks. 

“POV: How I motivate myself to exercise,” said cosmetics content creator Savina Chow, from Singapore, in the closed captions of her controversial clip — which scared up more than 11.1 million Instagram Reels views. 

Per the viral video, a smiling Chow is seen positioning 17 open and upright tubes of colorful spheres from haute fashion house Hermès, each stamped with a price tag of around $75, onto an exercise mat. 

After lining up the lipsticks, the bold brunette then jumped into a plank — a core strengthening exercise that involves maintaining a push-up position for as long as possible — above her pricey products. 

“Plank hack for girlies,” Chow said in the post’s on-screen text as her body hovered over the products. 

“Works best with #HermésBeauty lipsticks,” she added as a nugget of wisdom. 

Chow did not immediately respond to The Post for a comment.

Stock image of Hermes lipsticks. Cosmetics fans shamed Chow for using her prized products instead of something less dangerous, jokingly mentioning sharp blades or open flames. Hermes

But her word to the wise was seemingly missed by makeup maniacs who scolded Chow for jeopardizing her beauty jewels. 

“You’re playing a dangerous game,” warned a worried Reels watcher.  

“What happens if you do fall? Then $2,000 of lipstick is gone and your pants are ruined,” wrote another concerned fan. 

“I would rather put knives then [sic] any of my makeup,“ said a glitz enthusiast, whose sentiments were echoed by a separate razzle-dazzle diehard who said, “Lighted candles would be better honestly.”

Savina Chow, a beauty influencer from Singapore, doing a plank over her makeup. Chow is among the many women who rely on makeup to boost their workouts. TikTok/@savinachow

But Chow isn’t alone in her commitment to using posh goods for getting into good shape. 

The women of the Big Apple have virally hit workout hotspots with lipsticks, mascaras, blushes and eyeliners in tow, touching up their faces to perfection while burning calories during sweat sessions.

And in December 2022, virtual vixen Rosa Esparza achieved trending TikTok notoriety for regularly rocking a full face of makeup to the gym in her exercise posts.   

“I do this often,” said Esperanza in a video. “Cute gym fits, full glam, train till failure = bomb a– workouts.”

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