Halo Infinite Update Will Add Doubles Playlists, More Helmet Customization Options

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The next "drop pod" update for Halo Infinite arrives August 9, and it will include a number of features fans have long asked for.

As detailed in a new 343 Industries blog post, the upcoming drop pod (which is 343's term for smaller, quality-of-life focused updates) will allow for unlocked visors to be used interchangeably between all of the game's armor cores. That will apply to all visors to be added to the game in the future as well.

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In addition, some helmet attachments exclusive to specific Mark VII helmets will be able to be worn on multiple Mark VII helmets. 343 states that not all Mark VII helmet attachments are interchangeable because many were made specifically for certain helmets, but ones that happen to fit well on other helmets will now be usable. A full list of all the helmet and attachment combinations will come with the update's official patch notes closer to release.

The armor updates will come alongside the much-requested ability to view the game's multiplayer challenges mid-match from the pause screen. However, challenge progress when viewed from the pause screen will not update in real time, as Halo Infinite currently calculates challenges at the end of a match. 343 says it is working to make it so challenge progress will be displayed as it happens during a match, but that will come at a later date.

On the playlist side of things, a ranked Doubles playlist will be coming along with a social Team Doubles playlist. The two playlists will go live two weeks after the arrival of the August 9 drop pod. 343 also mentions it is laying the groundwork for players to be able to select their matchmaking region for faster search times in the upcoming update, but that the feature itself is "still some time away."

Halo Infinite recently concluded its first online campaign co-op test, at long last allowing players to explore Zeta Halo with a partner. According to a roadmap released earlier this year, 343 is targeting late August for the feature's full release. After that, an open beta test for the game's Forge map creation suite is expected to arrive sometime in September. Halo Infinite is currently in the middle of its second multiplayer season, which is set to end in November.

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