Ghost hunters photograph eerie figure in derelict church

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July 24, 2022 | Comment icon 0 comments

is this a ghost... or something else ? Image Credit: Facebook / Pengeger's Paranormal Pansy's

Paranormal investigators have captured an image of a mysterious figure in an abandoned church in Cornwall.

Known as Pengeger's Paranormal Pansy's, the group - which consists of Mark Earl, William Ives, and Ollie Earl - had been doing a livestreamed investigation at St Day's Church near Redruth last December when some of the viewers noticed something unusual in one of the windows.

The building itself is derelict and the upstairs floor is missing entirely, meaning that there's no way there should have been anyone up there.

"There's no inside for the Church," Earl told Cornwall Live. "It's all been stripped out. As we were walking down, on the live stream you can see the outline of a girl in the window."

"Our viewers said the same - that it's a little girl. It's shaken us up a bit, we're not the type to make things up. We'll say it's nothing if we investigate somewhere and it's nothing."

The mystery figure, which seems to be dressed in white, appears quite clearly in the photograph.

But is this really evidence of the paranormal or is there a more conventional explanation ?

You decide.

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