Fighting continues as Russian forces advance on Bakhmut – General Staff report

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SATURDAY, 6 AUGUST 2022, 07:11

Russian forces are continuing to mount an offensive on Bakhmut. Fighting is currently underway.

Source: General Staff of the ArmedForces of Ukraine on Facebook, information as of 06:00 on 6 August

Details: On the Bakhmut front, Russian forces also used tank guns, as well as tubed and rocket artillery, to fire on the areas in and around Bakhmutske, Toretsk, Bilohorivka, Krasnopolivka, Pivnichne and Vershyna. Russian aircraft conducted airstrikes on the areas in the vicinity of Zaitseve, Soledar, Bakhmut and Berestove. Russian forces’ attempts to advance on the Yakovlivka – Vershyna and the Kodema – Zaitseve axes have been unsuccessful and the Russians retreated.

There were no significant changes on the Volyn, Polissia and Sivershchyna fronts. Russian forces shelled the areas in the vicinity of Hai and Mykhalchyna Sloboda (Chernihiv Oblast) and Nova Huta (Sumy Oblast) using artillery.

On the Slobozhanshchyna front, Russian troops conducted defensive operations in order to maintain their positions and prevent the Ukrainian Armed Forces from advancing; they are also using remote mining systems to plant mines in the area.

On the Kharkiv front, the Russians used tubed and rocket artillery to shell the areas in and around Prudianka, Slatyne, Pytomnyk, Petrivka, Korobochkyne, Mospanove and Zamulivka. Russian aircraft carried out airstrikes near Verkhnii Saltiv and Lebiazhe. In addition, Russian forces used UAVs to conduct aerial reconnaissance in the areas around Lisne, Pytomnyk, Riasne, Protopopivka, Pryshyb Nortsivka.

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On the Sloviansk front, Russian occupying forces shelled the areas in the vicinity of Mazanivka, Krasnopillia, Sulyhivka, Karnaukhivka and Virnopillia using a number of different types of artillery.

Russian attack and army aircraft have been deployed on the Donetsk front.

Russian forces fired on the areas near Spirne and Ivano-Darivka on the Kramatorsk front

Russian occupying forces shelled the areas near Niu-York, Pervomaiske, Vodiane and Opytne on the Avdiivka front using tubed and rocket artillery. Russian aircraft carried out airstrikes near Novohradske, Pavlivka and Prechystivka. In addition, the Russians attempted to advance on the Lozove – Nevelske axis, but were unsuccessful and were forced to retreat. Some of the units of Russian troops in the area have regrouped.

On the Novopavlivka and Zaporizhzhia fronts, Russian forces attacked the areas in and around Vuhledar, Pavlivka, Shevchenko, Novodanylivka, Vilne Pole, Burlatske, Zelene Pole, Zelenyi Hai, Chervone, Stepove and Vremivka using tubed and rocket artillery, as well as tanks. In addition, they carried out airstrikes near Marinka, Mali Shcherbaky, Novoandriivka, Novosilka and Temyrivka, and used UAVs to conduct aerial reconnaissance near Krasnohorivka, Novosilka and Tavriiske.

Russian forces are conducting defensive operations on the Pivdennyi Buh front and are focusing their main efforts on maintaining their current positions and inflicting losses on units of the Ukrainian Defence Forces. They used various types of artillery, as well as tank guns, to fire on the areas around Lymany, Prybuzke, Tavriiske, Luch, Myrne, Partyzanske, Blahodatne, Shyroke, Kyselivka, Kvitneve, Kavkaz, Bila Krynytsia, Bilohirka, Dobrianka, Osokorivka and Mykolaivka. Meanwhile, Russian aircraft carried out airstrikes near Andriivka, as well as the Khutirska gully and the Plotnytske tract. Russian UAVs conducted reconnaissance near Bila Krynytsia, Nyzhni Sirohozy, Lozove and Andriivka.

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