A Live-Action Pac-Man Movie Is In The Works

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A live-action Pac-Man movie is in development, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Bandai Namco, the owner of the game series, is working on the movie with production company Wayfarer.

Sonic the Hedgehog movie producer Chuck Williams came up with an original idea for the Pac-Man film, the report said, though it didn't mention any details on the plot.

Pac-Man from the 2015 video game movie PixelsPac-Man from the 2015 video game movie Pixels

It's seemingly very early days for the film, as there is also no word on a cast, director, release date, or anything else. Wayfarer is perhaps best known for the Disney+ movie Clouds, a heartbreaking drama telling the real life story of Zach Sobiech, a teenage musician who died from cancer at the age of 18.

It's also worth noting that just because a movie is in production, that doesn't mean it will ever be made. For example, the Tetris movie was announced years ago and has not been made yet.

Before this, there have been multiple Pac-Man TV shows before, including a series from ABC in the '80s and a more recent one that aired on Disney XD.

Pac-Man the character made a cameo in the Adam Sandler video game movie Pixels, too, alongside Donkey Kong and Frogger, among others.

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